250 Watt Dyno-Kit

Dyno-Kits for University and research teaching labs

  • These kits were developed for lab courses at the University of Minnesota and used by over 200 Undergraduate E.E. courses
  • Check CUSP.UMN.EDU for lab manuals and experiments
  • Many special electric machines are available plus an in line torque transducer kit is available.
  • We can provide most any machine type desired using these Dyno-Kits
  • Most machines fitted with encoders
  • 42 VDC drive board available
  • (requires 42 to 48 VDC lab supply)

Generator is fixed on base and test machines are easily removable and replaced. Machine detailed data packages are available for download including drawings.

  • One complete kit $3550
  • Two to four kits $3200 each
  • Five kits and up $2900 each

Custom electric machine dynamometers are available

PM load generator, PMDC test motor, 8 pole PM brushless, 4 pole AC induction motor