Motorsolver provides custom and unique engineering solutions for the design & prototyping of all types of electric machines, (motors, generators and actuators).

Motorsolver is conveniently located in Louisville KY in a 2500 sq-ft modern facility equipped with most all major motor prototyping operating work stations including:

  • Stator and rotor core fabrication using either TIG welding or bonding
  • Permanent magnet installation for IPM & SPM rotors.
  • Powder coating for core insulation
  • CNC layer coil winder for phase coils
  • Vacuum encapsulation of stator assemblies using thermal conductive epoxies and other materials
  • High speed rotor retention using hi-strength carbon composite sleeves
  • Precision balancing for high speed electric machines
  • Motor and generator testing using servomometers & dynameters.
  • Electrical testing of machine stators
  • Certain ohmic and core loss testing capabilities.

Core Manufacturing Technologies

core manufacturing image
  • Expert motor design using world class design simulation tools & 3D Cad (CREO)
  • Stator assembly using Laser-EDM cut laminations, stacking-bonding/TIG welding
  • Coil winding, insulation, phase insertion, termination & vacuum encapsulation
  • Rotor fabrication, SR, RSM, PM-AC, PM-DC, AC Induction, axial, testing, precision   balancing and high speed rotor retention using state of the art carbon-composites
  • Complete motor assembly, dyno testing and electrical testing
  • Nylon injection molding of insulators, connectors and coil forms

Equipment List

  • High speed balancer
  • CNC coil winder
  • Co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • Vacuum oven (260 deg. c)
  • 3 gal vacuum system
  • 10 gal vacuum system
  • Fluidize bed and electro-static powder coaters
  • Fixture semi-automatic TIG welder for stator cores
  • Semi-automated TIG welder for Inconel or S.S rotor sleeves
  • Epoxy encapsulation system for stators
  • 3D Stereolithographic printer for bobbins and terminals
  • CNC draw knife cutter for Nomex end board and top sticks
  • 300 Watt servomometer/dynamometers (2.0 Nm & 10.0 Nm)
  • 25 KW Dyno for high speed machine testing (120,000 rpm)
  • Universal machine for shrink fitting of stators into housings (Max diameter stator core = 150 mm capability)
  • Variety of tools and fixtures for phase coil insertion, end turn forming, magnet assembly and retention
  • Surge tester, hi-pot tester, four channel scope, two channel scope, Gauss meter, Inductance bridge, power supplies, current probes
  • Pulse generator, Multimeter and Infra-red thermal sensor
  • 500°F Double door industrial oven