Magnet Retention

Magnet Retention High Speed Rotor Retention

When AC Induction machines are operated athigh speeds the rotor bars and end rings must be retained against mass movement from centrifugal forces causing imbalance.

IPM machines are sort of self retaining up to about 50 to 90 M/sec tip speeds.

SPM machines frequently must have magnet retention up to 1000 m/sec tip speed. The best method for this is the use of Carbon Composite sleeves fitted over the magnets.

We offer very high strength carbon sleeves and we assemble them in a pre-stressed condition to prevent any magnet lift-off at full speed. We can provide the sleeves, the tooling design and the assembly process as well or we can assemble your rotors.

We can provide high speed rotor designs, documentation, rotor assembly, balancing and spin testing.