Dyno-Kit Repair & Upgrade Plan

Motorsolver offers re-conditioning services for the Dyno-Kits. They have been design to be rugged but they are used by different students each semester and frequently damage can occur. In particular the earlier models used encoders with glass discs that were easily damaged. We have replaced these with very rugged magnetic encoders on all new dyno-kits.

The shaft can get damaged form coupling removal and re-attachment. Sometimes the connectors get damaged as well. Therefor we offer a rebuild re-build program for a modest fee for inspection and rework. When returning the units for re-work please carefully package them so further damage is avoided.

All reworked Dyno-Kits would be returned as good as new with silent shaft couplings, safety guards and new magnetic encoders.

Contact Motorsolver sales department for a quotation and return authorization.

A new operating instruction regarding the use of the shaft couplings can be downloaded.