Carbon Retention Sleeves

High speed SPM Ac Synchronous machines require magnet retention against centrifugal forces. OD sleeves made from Titanium, Inconel or 300 series stainless steel are commonly used. The highest tip speed retainable requires the use of carbon-composite sleeves. Motorsolver has been a leader in this solution form many years offering standard sleeve sizes. Custom sized are also available.

CARbon COMposite continuous fiber ultra high strength tubing used to make sleeves for retension of high speed rotors against centrifugal forces.

Applications for Pre-stressed fitting over rotors:

  • High speed SPM brushless DC&PM-AC synchronous motors and generators to prevent magnet lift off and balancing stability.
  • High speed Asynchronous rotor end rings.
  • High speed Reluctance-synchronous rotors.

Rotor retension for tip speeds up to 1200m/sec.Most any diameter and thickness is available on special order.(Requires tooling charge)