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Dyno-Kits for University and research teaching labs

  • These kits were developed for lab courses at the University of Minnesota and used by over 200 Undergraduate E.E. courses
  • Check CUSP.UMN.EDU for lab manuals and experiments
  • Many special electric machines are available plus an in line torque transducer kit is available.
  • We can provide most any machine type desired using these Dyno-Kits
  • Most machines fitted with encoders
  • 42 VDC drive board available
  • (requires 42 to 48 VDC lab supply)

Generator is fixed on base and test machines are easily removable and replaced. Machine detailed data packages are available for download including drawings.

One complete kit  $3550

Two to four kits   $3200 each

Five kits and up   $2900 each

Custom electric machine dynamometers are available

PM load generator, PMDC test motor, 8 pole PM brushless, 4 pole AC induction motor