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Authors: J.R.Hendershot & T.J.E. Miller
ISBN-13: 9780984068708
Price: $225.00

Now available in Japanese

This brand new 822-page brushless machine design book is generously illustrated in color as the authors have tried to catch up with the progress over the last 16 years of PM brushless machine design and development since their well known 1994 book. Almost the entire work is the direct result of intensive consulting by the authors, in collaborating with many of the leading producers of brushless permanent-magnet machine products worldwide.

This book was written with a focus on actual engineering practice and tries to deal with most of the questions that arise on a daily basis in PM brushless machine design. It is written for practicing engineers, many of whom have used the 1994 book heavily. The book includes many more examples than the 1994 book.

The authors partnership is a longstanding combination of theoretical, practical and consulting experience, while the book with its rich illustrations of industrial products celebrates the rich engineering accomplishments of design engineers from all over the world.


Author: TJE Miller
ISBN: 1-881855-02-03
Price: $100.00

The aim of this book is to help engineers understand, design and evaluate the switched reluctance motor (SRM) and its controls. The SRM is a relative newcomer to the family of electric motors and is unusual both for having salient teeth on rotor and stator and for its complete dependence on its power electronic controls. It is however remarkably versatile.

Part of the design problems is that the switched reluctance motor does not conform to the established design techniques used for classic DC and AC electric motors. The practical design engineer is confronted with a machine that has no steady state, has extreme localized saturation and requires an unfamiliar power-electronic converter to make it work at all. The geometry is beguilingly simple and everything about the motor and its control seems at first sight to be a gift to the production engineer. Yet the attainment of good designs and satisfactory performance is practically impossible by traditional design methods.

The Author TJE Miller is Lucas Professor of power electronics and the director of the SPEED Consortium at the University of Glasgow U.K. He has 20 years experience in the U.K. and General Electric Research in Schenectady, New York plus teaching/research at the University of Glasgow.


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