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Enamel & Magnet Handheld Wire Stripper

Weight: 1.5 lbs
Wire Gage accepted: 10 AWG to 28 AWG
Price: $375.00

This hand held wire stripper is a self contained, electric motor driven, hand held magnet wire stripping tool. It consists of an integrated motor and stripping head with a speed adjustment control. The stripping head is equipped with three hard metal knives which are closed onto the magnet wire by cenrifugal force of rotation. The speed is set on the unit. The wire has to be inserted into the stripping head knives, the tool is switched on and the wire is pulled out of the rotating stripping head.

Heavy Duty Line of Magnet Wire Strippers

Available with various types of stripping heads for different wire gauges and multiple strands.

110 VAC

Also flat conductors

Stripping heads for AWG gauges # 32 to # 4

PVC stripping heads available

Bench bracket available

Different wire guides