• Prototype manufacturer of electric motors & generators

Electrical steel 220 mm x 730 mm sheets of #29 Gage (0.35 mm)

Single sheet or packs of 5 to 1000 wrapped in anti-rust paper and vacuum sealed in plastic film. Core plated with C-4 (Each sheet weighs ~ 0.45 kg)

Grade is M-15, ASTM A677, IEC 250-35-A5, JIS 35A250, EN M250-35

Shearing services provided upon request for squares (up to 220 mm sq.) cut from above stock.

Single sheet price plus shipping & handling     $2.00 each up to 10 sheets

11 to 25 sheets plus shipping & handling           $1.75 each

26 to 100 sheets plus shipping & handling        $1.50 each

B-H and loss curves available upon request