• Prototype manufacturer of electric motors & generators


Motorsolver provides custom and unique engineering solutions for the design & prototyping of all types of electric machines, (motors, generators and actuators).

Motorsolver is conveniently located in Louisville KY in a 2500 sq-ft modern facility equipped with most all major motor prototyping operating work stations including:

  • Stator and rotor core fabrication using either TIG welding or bonding
  • Permanent magnet installation for IPM & SPM rotors.
  • Powder coating for core insulation
  • CNC layer coil winder for phase coils
  • Vacuum encapsulation of stator assemblies using thermal conductive epoxies and other materials
  • High speed rotor retention using hi-strength carbon composite sleeves
  • Precision balancing for high speed electric machines
  • Motor and generator testing using servomometers & dynameters.
  • Electrical testing of machine stators
  • Certain ohmic and core loss testing capabilities.

Core Manufacturing Technologies

  • Expert motor design using world class design simulation tools & 3D Cad (CREO)
  • Stator assembly using Laser-EDM cut laminations, stacking-bonding/TIG welding
  • Coil winding, insulation, phase insertion, termination & vacuum encapsulation
  • Rotor fabrication, SR, RSM, PM-AC, PM-DC, AC Induction, axial, testing, precision¬†¬† balancing and high speed rotor retention using state of the art carbon-composites
  • Complete motor assembly, dyno testing and electrical testing
  • Nylon injection molding of insulators, connectors and coil forms

Equipment List

  • High speed balancer
  • CNC coil winder
  • Co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • Vacuum oven (260 deg. c)
  • 3 gal vacuum system
  • 10 gal vacuum system
  • Fluidize bed and electro-static powder coaters
  • Fixture semi-automatic TIG welder for stator cores
  • Semi-automated TIG welder for Inconel or S.S rotor sleeves
  • Epoxy encapsulation system for stators
  • 3D Stereolithographic printer for bobbins and terminals
  • CNC draw knife cutter for Nomex end board and top sticks
  • 300 Watt servomometer/dynamometers (2.0 Nm & 10.0 Nm)
  • 25 KW Dyno for high speed machine testing (120,000 rpm)
  • Universal machine for shrink fitting of stators into housings (Max diameter stator core = 150 mm capability)
  • Variety of tools and fixtures for phase coil insertion, end turn ¬† forming, magnet assembly and retention
  • Surge tester, hi-pot tester, four channel scope, two channel scope, Gauss meter, Inductance bridge, power supplies, current probes
  • Pulse generator, Multimeter and Infra-red thermal sensor

Company History


Original founding as MAGNA PHYSICS CORP. Sept

Began with 7 employees providing consulting services to the electric motor industry in Hillsboro, Ohio

Built 6000 sq-ft motor mfg. shop in Hillsboro, Ohio Offices & electric motor mfg. for 27 People

Received $20 Million production order for Switched Reluctance traction motor

Sold partial assets of MOTORSOFT to Tri-Delta Industries who later sold Motorsoft to Baldor Electric

Created MOTORSOFT CORP. as a motor consulting and prototyping business

Relocated MOTORSOFT CORP. into a 2500 sq.-ft. office and small shop in Lebanon Ohio

Sold partial assets to Fisher Electric JR Hendershot continued consulting for two more years while assisting Fisher Electric transition the ownership.

Formed MOTORSOLVER LLC to manufacture University Dyno-Kits for teaching labs

Moved MOTORSOLVER LLC into a 500 sq.-ft. office and shop in Venice Florida

Moved MOTORSOLVER LLC into a 450 sq-ft shop in Hilton Head S.C.

Relocated MOTORSOLVER LLC into permanent 2500 sq.-ft. remodeled building in Crestwood KY.

Purchased equipment for prototyping of electric machines, CNC coil winder, balancing machine, Tig wilder for laminated cores, powder coating booth, hydraulic assembly press & tooling for new motors for producing university dyno-kits.

Purchased additional manufacturing equipment, water base lamination bonding cell, CMM machine, Surge tester for stators and coils, four channel scope, power supplies, surface plate & bench centers.

Designed, developed and constructed a 120,000, 30 KW dynamometer with DAQ for testing gas engine accessory motors and generators
Dedicated provider of most electric motor & generator prototypes, short run quantities electric machine components, (rotors & stators)
In our 2500 sq.-ft. shop we are equipped to provide most all the necessary core technologies for rotor and stator manufacturing plus final assembly .
We also perform final electrical testing and dynamometer performance testing.

Contact Us

Mail: PO Box 795
Shipping: 4405 West Highway 22
Crestwood, KY, 40014, USA
Tel: 941 350 9462
Fax: 866 882 1211